The Drum Corps was added in 2007 and have added yet another dimension to the team.  The Drum Corps started off slowly, but added more and more to the team every week.  Now, they pace the entire team, leading with their upbeat tempos and blend in beautifully during both parades and shows.
The Drum Corps perform in over 30 events each year, along with the Show Team! 
From Shows to Parades, our drummers ROCK!
The Villages Twirlers
Drum Corps
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tvt_drumcorps001020.jpg tvt_drumcorps001019.jpg tvt_drumcorps001018.jpg tvt_drumcorps001017.jpg tvt_drumcorps001001.jpg tvt_drumcorps001016.jpg tvt_drumcorps001015.jpg tvt_drumcorps001014.jpg tvt_drumcorps001013.jpg tvt_drumcorps001012.jpg tvt_drumcorps001011.jpg tvt_drumcorps001010.jpg tvt_drumcorps001009.jpg tvt_drumcorps001008.jpg tvt_drumcorps001007.jpg tvt_drumcorps001006.jpg tvt_drumcorps001005.jpg tvt_drumcorps001004.jpg tvt_drumcorps001003.jpg tvt_drumcorps001002.jpg tvt_drumcorps001001.jpg